Monday, 11 January 2016

Lindy petal skirt

Lindy skirt is my first go at Itch to Stitch patterns. Not only it is a free pattern but it also has lovely, classy lines. And who doesn't like a pencil skirt? It is designed for knits but I used very stretchy medium-weight denim, leftover from another project. It worked but next time I will use proper knit fabric. The instructions are very clear but to be honest there is nothing hard about sewing this skirt. So far I only wore this skirt a few times but once I get back to work it will be in high rotation.


  1. Great skirt. That pattern is on my list of makes. I actually managed to get my WIPs down to one unfinished skirt this week but cut out two tees and a Tshirt dress on Friday - oophs - so this pattern will have to stay on my 'want to do' list for a while longer!


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