Saturday, 11 April 2015

First proper shirt!

You don't even know how excited I am about this make! Do you have a "dream wardrobe" that consists of all the things that you would love to wear that you can't in real life for more or less valid reasons? For example, I love high necklines. Do I wear them? No, they make me look extremely top-heavy and they don't do any favours to me and my figure. Another "dream"piece of clothing were shirts. Not being a cup A or B I could never find a shirt that would fit me well. There would be gaping between the buttonholes, pulling lines everywhere or they would look like a sack with buttons on. I almost gave up hope...

...and then I started sewing. Sewing makes everything better! Up until now shirts scared me though - collars, collar stands, cuffs... I made a simple shirt once before and the collar got me completely lost and it looked ... well, not very good. This time I had proper instructions and it went so easily that I wondered if I missed out on some parts or steps!

Anyway, lets get to sewing notes. The pattern is Sewaholic Granville. Since it's designed for pear-shaped woman I had to do some alterations. I did my first proper FBA! The shirt is size 12 with 5 cm FBA done following this awesome tutorial. The only other change I made to the pattern before cutting it was shortening the sleeve. The fabric used is poplin in pretty aqua (?) colour. It was really cheap buy and I figured that if it works I'd wear it, if it doesn't that I'd only invest $5 and my time...

I think it worked well. Instructions were great - I usually sew with Burda where the collar instructions are likely to be "sew in the collar" ;) I got a bit lost with plackets but then I found this and 5 min later I was done. I love the burrito yoke method in the pattern! Almost all the seams are flat-felled. The sleeve and the armhole seams are just zig-zaged as I didn't know how to deal with them. My sewing machine had no problems with 7 buttonholes but it screwed up the eighth one! This always happens to me. Buttons are recycled from some old top and I absolutely love them.

Geez, I really should have iron the clothes before taking photos!!! Sorry for that!

Now I get why people say that shirt making is incredibly satisfying. All that topstitching <3 It was probably most technical piece of clothing I ever made and I learnt a lot. But shirt is not perfect. Collar top-stitching could be better. After a day of wearing it at work I also realized that my shirt is a bit small. There is a tiny bit of gaping, partially because of buttons position. I decided to size up for the next Granville that you will see pretty soon. And again...and again... I think I'm going to have a problem. At the moment I have 5 pieces of fabric that are destined to become Granville shirts!

I might be obsessed ;)


  1. Love your shirt...can't wait to see the rest of the fabric made up. Granville is on my list of patterns to try.

  2. Actually, instead of sizing up, you could do another FBA. From what I can see, the the shirt fits you well overall, you just need more room at your bust.

    Try this. Button the shirt from your neck to about halfway to your bustpoint, and then measure the amount the shirt gapes at bustpoint level. Half this measurement and add that amount to your fba. (So if it gapes 5 cm, do a 2.5cm FBA on top of the one you already did)

    Rearranging the buttons so there is one at bustpoint should help with gaping as well.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lexie!

      I just posted the sized up one and guess what? Its a bit roomy but it still gapes slightly ;) The issue with this one wasn't only gaping. I also needed a little bit more room in the back and my arms. I guess next one will be size 14 blended to 12 in the waist and with bigger FBA

  3. This is beautiful! And sewing shirts is addictive! I love sewing shirts, probably my favourite, with pants being a close second. Probably because they are so fiddly, they give you so much satisfaction! Not to mention the astonished reactions of people when you say you made that...

    1. I totally know what you mean! I think I'm hooked ;) My third Granville is already cut and partially put together. Unfortunately cold winds from Antarctica in last few days made me change my sewing queue and now it's merino cardis and leggings before my pretty shirts!


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