Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I made jeans!

2015 is going to be a year of pants I decided. After I made Antoinette pants I wanted to tackle something a bit harder. I was contemplating buying Ginger Jeans pattern because I keep seeing it everywhere and it seems to be working on different body shapes. Then I realized that the technical drawing is almost identical to Burda jean pattern (3/2014) I've seen it around on a few blogs and it seems like a good pattern to try.

It was a good choice. The pattern is well drafted and everything matched well. There are step by step instructions that are actually quite useful. It would be great if that was the standard for Burda!
I used bengaline with quite a lot of stretch that was not easy to work with but a lot easier than I expected to be honest! I had my walking feet on the whole time and used fresh needle for stretch fabrics. There is a little bit of puckering on the back yoke but not when I wear it.
Regarding fit I don't really know what to say... I cut size 42 with a little bit of extra width in the calves area. They are bit loose in the waist. I was hoping I can get away with making belt loops but I do have to add them sooner rather than later. It would be better if I took the waistband in to be honest but that requires quite a bit of work and those jeans were supposed to be a muslin so I don't think I will. I reckon that the stretch of the fabric is concealing fitting issues so it will be interesting to make them again in less stretchy denim.
I need to find some tutorials on fly-zip and waistband sewing. As you can see on the photos I messed up a bit. My sewing machine refused to make a button hole so I sewn in hook and bar closure. The waistband is not interfaced enough for that so it doesn't look that great :/ Just for fun I decided to use a piece of rayon for the pockets. I like it a lot!
I am working on quite a few things at the moment but I will be making those again in foreseeable future. I hope to make this pattern my TNT because everyone needs good fitting jeans, right? Next time I'll make it in denim and make the waistband piece a bit wider. And of course I'll read more about fly-zips ;)


  1. Polka dot jeans! How great.

    I link to quite a few fly zipper tutorials in my post about my partner's second pair of Jedediah trousers: and Thread Theory's video for the zip and waistband is fantastic.

    Good luck for the next one!

    1. Awesome! Thank you! I'll have a look :)


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