Friday, 12 June 2015


In attempt of being sensible and fill in the gaps in my wardrobe I decided to make a few tops. First in line was Astoria from Seamwork Magazine. I liked it from the moment I saw the magazine cover - simple but versatile design that  included cropped length and high neck.

Unfortunately high necks don't work for me - they make me look awful. I simply changed the neckline to  V-shape. It was a very quick make - took me less than an hour to finish it. The shoulder seams were shortened by 1,5 -2 cm (I can't remember exactly but it's my standard adjustment) and reinforced with clear elastic. My V-neck finish is still not perfect but it looks ok.

The fabric came from The Fabric Store remnant bin. Its some sort of cotton knit in that amazing shade of blue that I love so much! I failed to notice slight variation in colour and my waistband is in a different shade!

I'm going to assume that the terrible back view wrinkles are cause by trying to get lots of photos done before having to leave the house therefore putting clothes on without properly adjusting them ;) I really like this top, especially combined with high-waisted pencil skirts.

You can see the color difference here


  1. ooh very pretty - lovely colour! this in on my list to make, its great to see it made up!


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