Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dia de los Muertos meets Hello Kitty

A few months ago I took part in a gift exchange with some WSBN ladies. The theme was everything Autumn including celebrations traditionally associated with that season - Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. There were two conditions - the gifts had to be handmade and the cost of materials shouldn't exceed more than $10.

I got to make a gift for Trees and she loves Hello Kitty and everything creepy so it was very easy to decide what I want to make. When looking through my stash of crafty things I found  forgotten soutache braids. I don't think this technique is widely known here in NZ - at least I never came across any soutache jewellery here. Below are examples of my makes. It might seem complicated but it's not. The braids are sewn together and beads and stones added to create beautiful pieces.

I had a "hate phase" creating my Hello Kitty. After I finished the white base I really disliked it and I was even considering to quit. But since I didn't have any other ideas I had no other choice but finish it. After adding the flowers and the bow it finally started looking right and I kept adding beads and embroidery elements. I added a brooch fastening and backed it up with a piece of suede. It's also been sprayed with "weather guard" to protect it from stains and water.

In the end I am happy with the results. And as far as I know Trees liked it and that's the most important thing :)


  1. That's gorgeous!

  2. This is truly a marvel. And your jewellery is exquisite! Absolutely beautiful!


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