Thursday, 27 November 2014

Flowery floatness with photo overload

In my last post I mentioned that I made another dress for my friends' wedding. I usually like to have a back-up dress cos things happen... This time I was more worried about the weather - the wedding was in Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia and I could expect anything between 25C - 40C! My first idea was to make a maxi dress but none of the patterns I have was right. Besides I don't  like maxi dresses. I like the idea of them but I don't really wear  them ;) 

Then I came across Burda 8/2014 and dress number 116 with open back and high-low skirt. It was also a perfect match for pink flowery rayon (viscose) I bought at the Fabric Warehouse a few weeks earlier. The dress in theory should be an easy make and it would be if it wasn't for the fabric I chose and stupid mistake I made.

Long story short after I made a muslin I decided I needed to deal with gaping neckline and somehow managed to take out too much so the top was really, really tight. If I was non-breathing vampire it could work ;) Also using the same rayon for lining almost drove me crazy!!! Not to mention cutting the fabric itself. Anyway I had to recut the top and use different fabric for lining. The only semi-suitable thing I had was some synthetic stripy something from my stash. It worked really nicely and I finally decipher what that wooden spoon method from Burda is!

Changes? I lowered the neckline by 3-4 cm and adjusted it so there was no gaping. Instead of using facing for the drawstring casing I used white satin bias tape as cutting thin piece from rayon was a nightmare.
After all I love this dress! I love the colours and the shape. I love how full the back skirt is. It was very comfortable to wear and dance for hours! I will be wearing it for various occasions this summer!

The photos were taken on the Pier in Urangan. My friends'wedding took place on the beach just near there. After they went to take photos me and my partner decided to take a stroll. The pier is really long but it provided nice background for blog photos ;) As you can see it was quite windy and I had to keep an eye on my hat and my dress to avoid Marilyn Monroe moment.

And a bonus:

Also I got a big surprise today. I was mentioned by Rhonda in the Wednesday Showcase on Rhonda's Creative Life blog :) Thank you!!!


  1. Lovely! We are having freezing temperatures here, so all of my summer dresses are packed away.
    As for the mention on the was all my pleasure, truly :)

    1. It used to be my ritual in Poland - packing the summer clothing and unpacking winter one... Here in Wellington weather doesn't vary that much and we are known for having four seasons in one day so there is almost nothing to pack away!

  2. Bardzo fajne jest to rozcięcie-niespodzianka z tyłu.


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