Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Lazy summer dress

This dress will be perfect for hot summer days once we get nice weather here in Wellington. At the moment it seems that summer got lost on its way...

But anyway, I wasn't even sure if I should show it here. It's one of the easiest dresses I made and the whole process took under 2 hours and most of that time was pinning the fabric and attaching bias tape. I didn't even take proper blog photos so I have a compilation of holiday photos. I used stripey cotton eyelet fabric bought for couple of dollars at the Fabric Warehouse pop up store. I still have over a meter of it and I think I will make a top or two. 
I used one of my t-shirts to make this dress - I just made it longer. I added thick elastic that sits just a bit higher than my natural waist. This fabric doesn't fray and since it is not going to be worn in any official occasions, I didn't bother hemming it at all. I just added bias tape to finish the neckline. Somehow my neckline was very wide and bias tape helped with making it right. I wouldn't mind the dress being a tad longer but it is still wearable. There is some pulling in the armpits/upper chest that you can see on the photos. Dress is still very comfortable to wear and it was great for hot Aussie weather :)

With my cossowary friend.
And yes, I'm wearing a hip bag which is a fashion crime but it is also very handy while sight-seeing :)

Look, the stripes on my shoulder seams are matching!


  1. Tak MM pod spódnice zaglądać! :)

  2. I love quick, instant gratification projects like this! The dresses looks so comfortable and versatile, and I love those shoulder seams ;)

    1. It's so satisfying to be able to make something that you can wear in 1 hour, isn't it?


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