Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wearable wadder...

... if such thing exists! I can't help thinking about this dress as a failure. There are so many things wrong with it that I'm not sure where to start. On the other hand I always get compliments wearing it so it's probably not that bad. I think the issue is that I expect handmade clothes to fit better than bought ones. This dress has fitting issues but if I had bought it in the shop I'd probably be happy with it!
I was actually going to re-fashion it and make it into a top but I put it on and my boyfriend said that it was 'lovely" so I decided to give it another chance. I took it with me to Australia and wore it around Manly in Sydney :) I used 2 meters of pretty rayon bought in Pete's Emporium for $8/m I believe. I used misterious pattern for the top and somehow it ended a size or two too big. Neckline is gaping :/ I finished it and the armholes with bias tape made with the same fabric. I put side zipper in but I could have skipped this - the dress is loose enough. Bottom is made with 2 gathered rectangles.

I really dislike unpicking clothes and fixing them so I think I'll leave this one the way it is for now. It is wearable, the fitting issues bother me but no one else commented on them. And this dress looks good with black tights and warm cardigans so I can wear it through the year :)


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