Monday, 4 January 2016

2015 in review

2015 was a good year, especially for my sewing! I made quite a few things, many of them are being worn regularly. I learned heaps both about fabrics and techniques. I made my first collared shirt, pair of pants and a full size quilt. I discovered indie patterns. And I joined Wellington Sewing Bloggers group that gives me courage, support and expertise every time I need it! I also found a new hobby when sewing is not an option. All good things :)

My favorite make last year was my Christmas Dress! My heart Cardamome dress is probably most work of all my dresses. Stripey Simplicity dress always gets commented on and I'm still really proud of my floral Granville shirt I made for 0 Degree Challenge.

There were a few fails last year too. The biggest one is probably my Watson Jacket (never blogged). It is just not me and makes me look terrible. It's a pity as I spent quite a lot of time and effort on it and it just doesn't work for me. Second fail is my "Welcome to the jungle" dress that I will blog about some time soon. Lovely dress, nice finish... and it's too small! I can barely breathe wearing it! And there are my Antoinette pants... Bad, bad fit, wrong fabric and just not the right shape. I need to learn more about pants fitting and just keep trying to get it right!

There was a little bit of unselfish sewing too. The biggest achievement of the year was making a quilt for my best friend! Took time and patience and lots of love to finish it which is fitting because it was a wedding gift :) The other thing I'm really proud of is a pair of shorts I made for my partner for Christmas. Blog post to follow soon.

This quilted cushion was also a Christmas gift. Worked out quite nicely!

And a little bit of fabric shopping and a new hobby. Knitting was my winter discovery and I do have a few knitted things to show on the blog... I'm just being a lousy blogger! I still have at least 10 garments to show from 2015!

As for 2016 I just want to keep sewing, keep enjoying it and keep getting better. I need to work on my fitting issues and nice finishes. I need some jackets in my wardrobe so that's my potential focus for next months.



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