Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Blue stripes

Ok, it's time to show the dress I made in September (I think... it was long time ago!) I still have some clothes from 2014 to show so I better get organized! Not that I have much to show this month - I made a simple dress that I managed to mess up and need to refashion, I made a jacket/blazer that I'm not fully happy about but I still need to deal with loose threads before I can take photos. I also made an atrocious parka jacket muslin... Not a good start for the new year!

Anyway, about the dress. Its mostly number 124 from Burda 4/2013. Original  dress has long sleeves but that didn't look that great with my fabric. It was too overwhelming. So I used sleeves from another Burda dress - 114 from 5/2014. I really like this pattern and I think I'll try it with different fabric - maybe in solid colour?

Unfortunately I paired up a good pattern with bad fabric. I really liked this mysterious jersey with blue and white stripes. I got it during The Fabric Warehouse sale for $2/meter. The problem is that the quality is quite bad and after wearing it handful of  times my handbag side has pilled and looks ugly. I'm not sure about the fibre content but I suspect it is mostly synthetic - I tent to wear it on colder days. I think it will soon have to be put out of its misery... Such a pity!

I tried to find a good spot around my house to take some photos so they are all over the place ;) Also the dress sits a bit lower than on the photos. I usually wear it with a belt so waist is more pronounced.


  1. I bought a few Burda patterns recently and your make has really reminded me to think about making them up. Such a pity that the fabric wasn't such a good buy - better luck on your next iteration.

    1. It happens sometimes. Luckily it was a really cheap piece of fabric so I'm not worried too much. I actually wore that dress yesterday and got complimented on it so it must not be that bad :)
      I have so many Burda patterns I want to try! There is always something interesting in Burda magazines :)


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