Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sydney penguin and a bit of housekeeping

Let's start with housekeeping :) If you look to the right you will see a new badge:

This means that I joined a group of over 30 lovely ladies who like sewing and blogging about sewing! I'm one of the newest members and I haven't met everyone yet but I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for making me a part of such a great group!

Other than than I added a link to my blog in Polish. Just in case if you wanted to see what I sewn before :)

I got rid of  picture verification of comments on the blog. My apologies to people that were put off by it - I wasn't aware that was a default blogger feature :/

Also, my camera has died on Waitangi Day... Timing is almost right as I was planning on buying a new one anyway. I think I know what I want but I'm going to give it a little bit more time to think it over . It also means that I won't be able to take photos for the blog for next week or two.

And now lets talk about penguins. Aren't they cute? I absolutely adore those funny looking birds. Here is a penguin I met last year in Sea Sanctuary in Manly, Sydney.

While on holiday I found time some to do fabric shopping. I visited Tessuti Fabrics and fell in love with their gorgeous silks! There was so many bolts of beautiful fabric and it was really hard to choose a few to take home with me. (Un)fortunately the prizes were a lot higher then what I'm used to so it limited my choices. I brought over a piece of pink rayon, border print cotton and the last bit of  fabric called penguin flap. It is some kind of stretchy man-made knit with interesting texture and they only had 0.6m. Just enough to make a simple tank top.

I used Burda pattern (mod.125 6/2014) but I omitted bust darts. I don't like having my bra straps visible so I changed the back a bit and I had to make it shorter due to my fabric length. Construction was simple - 4 stitches! I had to baste the "flaps" flat before stitching though. To finish the armholes and the neckline I just used twin needle and left the bottom untouched. Unfortunately I don't wear this top often. It's not pleasant to wear on hot days and it's not easy to style. In a way it's both too long and too short. Too short to wear with  pants and look good and too long for high-waisted pants and pencil skirts. The texture of the means I can't really tuck it in and it doesn't show off the waist ;)  Also I think there is something wrong with the shape of the the neckline. But I still wear it from time to time and it always makes me think about penguins ;)

Obligatory silly photo ;)

And here is a close up on the texture:


  1. Fajny material, nie widziałam takiego w polandzie :-)

  2. Wiesz ze pingwiny uwielbiam ;)
    Sa urocze. Tak.


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