Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Interview dress

I haven't really been sewing much lately. My sewjo is gone and it bothers me a bit but I know better than to push it. I guess there were two major factors in me not sewing - being unemployed for several months and having unexpected flatmates. How does having flatmates stopped me from sewing? Well, we had to move all the junk and random stuff from the guest bedroom to my sewing room and my sewing space got really small.

In February I got invited for a job interview and that inspired me to make a new dress. I basically wanted a universal little black dress. I decided to make my second Vogue 8685 (first one can be found here) using some black ponte scored at yet another The Fabric Warehouse sale. Sewing went relatively well. I changed the pleats into darts - I admit that wasn't done properly and my darts are slightly different lengths but you can only tell when you get really close and stare and most people won't do that ;) At some stage I will fix the side seams where the skirt yoke meets the skirt - due to many layers of fabric there is a weird sticking out going on. The only thing that drove me crazy was the invisible zip in the back seam... The vertical seams didn't line up. I had to do some unpicking, adjust the neckline and put it in again. I'm happy to report that everything lines up now! The major change in design was changing the shape of the neckline - I think this dress looks much better with a V-neck!

I really love this make. The fit in the back could be a bit nicer but I'm focusing on positives. The dress is perfect to show off my curves and I love the seam lines accented by double topstitching. Being made with ponte it means that this dress is very comfortable to wear.

And I got that job so my interview dress will be regularly worn in the office :D


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