Thursday, 14 May 2015

Little blue top

Hello! I am a bit ashamed to tell you that this is one of my last 2014 makes! I was going to show you something different today but found these photos on my drive - I guess this might be considered a bright side of my laptop acting up! I had to make sure that I everything is backed up in case it has to to a laptop hospital. The threat is still there but at least the patient is in stable condition and it might make it!  The photos were taken ages ago too but as you know I am a lousy blogger - I promise next post will be with more recent make and with photos taken only a few days ago ;)

I used pattern #111 from February 2014 Burda magazine. Cropped, wide top with ruffles doesn't really sound like me though so I had to change a few things. I lengthened it by 10 cm (I think). I cut size 42 and the measured it across the bust - there was over 20 cm ease!!! Being lazy I just took out 4 cm along the fold line of front and back bodice pieces which also reduced the width of the neckline. I also realized I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when I didn't do the same for the facings! On the other hand that gave me a chance to try finishing edges with twin needle and while it won't always be the best solution I quite like it. Oh, and of course I skipped the ruffles and lengthened the sleeves. I ended up with a nice top which is just a fraction too short for my liking. It works with skirts but not with jeans.

I used leftover fabric from this dress. I'm still not sure what this fabric is called but I know it's cotton with a little bit of stretch and it has diamond/square texture.

The only annoying thing about this top are the darts on the top of the raglan sleeves. They stick out and I've tried reshaping them but in the end I just gave up. I will have to do some research next time or draft my own sleeves. That could be fun!

Also, I need to do something about my photos - this top is quite nice in real life but on the photos it just doesn't look right. Being a photographer and a model in one doesn't seem to be working well for me! I guess I feel silly taking photos with a remote and a tripod. I  try to have other people take photos of me but unfortunately I don't always have that opportunity.


  1. Pretty top, I like the neckline on you

  2. I like your version so much more than Burda's! It looks like a really versatile top, with a stylish neckline too. I never would have made Burda's, just shuddered and moved on. In fact, the 20cm of ease makes me shudder too. How on earth could they make it so HUGE??

    1. I think this top was designed to be really wide and cropped as it appears to be "trendy"now. Except I just can't imagine it looking good on anyone!!!


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