Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Burda jeans vol 2

When I made my polka dot jeans I knew I'd make that pattern again when I get my hands on some denim. Do you know that in Polish jeans means both a type of pants and type of fabric? Anyway, I got some dark blue denim at Spotlight some time ago and decided to sew pants in between my Granville shirts ;)

The main reason it took me couple of months to make this pattern again is the sizing and using fabrics with different properties. Since the polka dot fabric was really stretchy and my denim has minimal stretch I decided  to size up. They are still a bit tight but just give me a week or two - I've lost 6 kg since April so I think I will be able to wear them soon.
Unfortunately this denim is not the best quality. It is a bit thin and it can get damaged pretty easily! Unpicking stitches left marks on the fabric and I am not impressed about that. Once I realized that it's not what I wanted it to be I kind of lost my interest in making my jeans perfect. I just wanted to finish them! I have some issues with the trouser legs around my knees. There is some strange bagging and pulling probably because my full thighs and calves. I tried to google it but all the fitting advice for trousers refer to crotch area... The rest seems to be ok, at least for me.

My fly zip is much better than a previous one! Yay! Also the waistband has improved - I used proper waistband interfacing which helped a lot! It was impossible to use my buttonhole making foot so I improvised and used zig-zag stitch to make one myself. Not fully happy with the placement and the look of it but it's functional. Also this time I used proper "jeans" button. I finished the pocket edges with "Hug Snug" rayon tape - Kat gave me some to try it out. And while I didn't love it I think it gives me more options and I'll be getting some for myself sometime soon.

Now I just need to find some nice denim and do it all over again...

Is there an English name for this tiny pocket? In Poland it is sometimes referred as "kondom├│wka" which means condom pocket :P
 And here are some detail photos:
My belt loop placement is all weird but well - it's functional ;)

Hug Snug finish - not very even I admit. I need more practise!
Fun pocket piece


  1. The pocket is called a "coin pocket" here - but a condom pocket makes SO much sense, because coins are so hard to fish out of the tiny pocket.

    Alas, I wish good denim was easier to get hold of here. I splashed out and bought the Cone Mill stuff and I'm saving it until I'm absolutely ready!


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