Monday, 27 October 2014

Everyday dresses

I'm not sure if those dresses are good enough for the first post here but on the other hand they are also the most worn items I made myself. Dress 106 from Burda 5/2014 is very simple - 3 pattern pieces, 4 elements to put together. It takes about an hour to make this dress - unless you cut your pieces in wrong way and have to re-cut them ;)

First dress is made of cotton jersey bought in Spotlight - I fell in love with navy and pink peacock-like pattern. I originally bought it for some kind of wrap dress but changed my mind. The cleavage in this dress is very wide and deep - i took at least 6 cm off the width of the front piece and it is still not right. It also tends to move a bit exposing bra straps. I kept the original length of the dress - it is longer on my then on the model in the magazine but I prefer that length.

Photos are not amazing, I know. I had to take them myself and most of them ended blurry and terrible. Next time I will just wait for my partner to play a photographer ;)

My second dress is made of some sort of stretchy double-layered fabric bought during The Fabric Warehouse sale. It is so soft and nice in touch that I couldn't say no to it. I omitted gathering on the main front piece this time and cut out a wedge to make the cleavage more shallow. I also made this dress shorter and some days I think it's a bit too short. The length of the sleeves is due to my silly mistake - I cut out the first piece in a way that it stretched lengthwise not widthwise... I didn't want to waste the fabric so I cut the sleeves out of that piece.

The true color is shown on the photo above but this one shows the texture of the fabric better. It has lacy top layer and knit bottom one. I used french seams to make this dress - it was my first time doing it and it wasn't the best decision as this fabric is not thin enough for that. Anyway, I learnt something new making that one :)

And here are my dresses just hanging out :)


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