Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas dress

Ok, this is definitely my favourite project of 2015! I love absolutely everything about it!

Let's start with fabric. I bought this beautiful linen in Made on Marion - the most lovely local store for all sorts of crafters during their mid-winter Christmas celebrations. I couldn't resist this white and blue print. It reminds me of portuguese ceramic tiles called azulejos which I got to love when I lived in Portugal for 6 months. I bought 2,5m with no projects in mind but I thought it was going to be a dress or maybe a summer jacket. Then I started thinking about Christmas and the idea was born.

I decided to use the same patterns as for my Halloween dress - Simplicity skirt and Burda bodice. I modified the bodice neckline from sweetheart shape into a straight one. I thought it suited the fabric more. Unfortunately I didn't do it properly - the neckline didn't sit flat. I also realized that only when the dress was practically finished! The dress went to the naughty corner for two weeks, then I got back to it and fixed it in 20 min! It is almost perfect now ;)

I didn't want any stitching to be visible on the outside and I also wanted this dress to be pretty on the inside. I finished all the bodice seams with bias binding, hand-stitched it down using blind stitch. It took me a few episodes of "Jessica Jones"to finish it (I do recommend the show, David Tennant is a fabulous villain!). I opted for narrow, rolled hem. I am really proud of this dress!
I wish I had better photos of the dress - taking photos around noon on a sunny day made them overexposed and some details are hard to see.


  1. You look AMAZING! And the insides are so nice to look at. Awesome job! :-D

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it's worth spending extra time to have nice insides! :)


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