Tuesday, 14 April 2015

0 Degrees Challenge

Welcome to the WSBN most exciting challenge yet! You can read all about it on Leimomi's blog. The idea itself is quite simple - we are based in Wellington, we shop in the same local fabric shops and we often have same patterns. So we wondered if we can create links between the members of our group. Spoiler alert - it worked!

I am the second one in our chain! The whole think started with Sophie's Granville shirt sewn with pretty floral cotton voile bought in the Fabric Store. I had bought the same fabric with the same pattern in mind so we have a copy cat link ;)

Having made Granville shirt before I decided to make some changes:
  • I cut size 14 with 5 cm FBA
  • kept size's 12 shoulder seam length
  • reduced the curve on the bottom of the shirt as it was sticking out funny
  • moved the waist 2,5 cm up
  • shortened the sleeves but they are still too long (my punishment for not taking notes on changes made on my first Granville)
I think the fit is much nicer now but I still have some slight gaping issues (photo below). I also think that my shirt is a bit too roomy around waist so I might go back to size 12 there when sewing my next one.

Sewing this shirt included some sewing drama. When I got to the sleeves and was just about to set them in I noticed a rip in the fabric!!! I was being careful with it so I have no idea where it came from. I was about to cry as I thought it was ruined. Luckily the group helped me find some good ideas how to deal with it including adding a lace appliqué, lace ribbon or a strip of contrasting fabric. I chose adding a strip of the same fabric that really blended in thanks to a busy pattern. So let's call it a design feature ;) There is another one of those. I'm not even sure why I am telling you all of that - no one would notice it in real life! So the second design feature is the buttons and buttonholes on the cuffs. Can you believe I double checked if I got the right side to put the buttonholes and still I sewn them on the wrong side? Yeah, I'm that kind of a person! 

Can you see the fix?
Design feature number 2 ;)

Hop over to Sandra to see how she is linked to me and keep an eye out for updates on Leimomi's blog :)


  1. Oh I do love your Granville, The fix looks on purpose :-) I was just thinking that today that I think my next one needs the curve around the hem flattening out a tad so it sits better. I am jealous of your great looking collar stand!

    1. Thank you! I used the template idea and I love that trick! I'm so glad that my fix is barely noticable :)

  2. This is awesome! I love this chain! The Granville looks really nice!


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